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Water Quality Monitoring

Water is one of the most important resources on the planet, which is essential for the existence of all life forms. Majority of the people believe that the water they drink or interact is safe, because it looks clean. However, the microbial quality of water and their implications on human health are least considered. It is estimated that nearly 2.2billion of human population across the globe are deprived of access to safely managed water services. The water associated diseases such as cholerae, diarrhoea, leptospirosis, hepatitis is prevalent in many parts of the world and cholera alone affect 2.8 million people across the globe annually and around 90,000 are succumbed to death. In the current world scenario, water quality monitoring is more important than ever before, because the number of infections caused by water associated pathogens are increasing and many of them are connected to climate change. It is a global mission to provide access to safe drinking water to global population by 2030. Enfys Lifesciences is joining hands with this global mission through several programs to improve public awareness on microbial quality of water and offering training programs to increase the number of skilled manpower in microbial water quality monitoring.

Our objectives

Contribute to the global initiatives to reduce the spread of water associated diseases through

Association with national and international research initiatives addressing problems related to water associated pathogens and climate change
Enhancing public awareness on the importance of assuring microbial quality of water
Increasing the number of skilled manpower in microbial and molecular diagnostics of water associated pathogens

Major activities

Training programs: We offer training programs in water quality monitoring; both microbiology based as well as using molecular biology tools. The syllabus of the program will include both theory and practical course on various methods of water quality monitoring

Internship programs:we offer 1-3 months internship program for graduate and postgraduate students in the area of water quality monitoring especially to study water associated pathogens. We offer special internship program in aquatic microbiology for selected postgraduate students, wherein the cost of Research is sponsored by Trevor Platt Science Foundation (TPSF) web. Those who are interested in the TPSF sponsored internship program should submit their application against call (https://trevorfoundation.org).

Technical services

Water quality testing (MPN method/filtration method)- potability of water
Isolation and identification of pathogenic microbes by marker gene sequencing
PCR based Screening for the detection of Specific pathogenic microbes (Escherichia coli, Vibrio spp, Salmonella spp, Leptospira spp, Clostridium spp. )
PCR based Screening of water samples for the presence of virulent genes to detect pathogenic microbes
NGS based analysis of vectors and pathogens in water sample